Through interaction with customers backed by hands-on practical advice, Singh also demonstrates to Rohit the path to successful selling - from customer selection to probing and understanding customer requirements, from making effective sales calls to preparing sales proposals.

PART II :  Encouraged and guided by Singh, Rohit Deshpande goes on to win the Best Sales Person's Award of the company.  Sensing his friendly nature, Manoj, a junior sales colleague, who has serious doubts about his own selling abilities, now turns to Rohit for help in improving his selling skills.

Rohit, first makes Manoj identify his areas of weakness and then guides him in developing the right attitude and technique for objection-handling, negotiating and closing  a  sale.  Soon, Manoj is well prepared to face the challenges of selling with utmost confidence.

Like Rohit and Manoj, every executive and student can effectively improve his / her selling skills by watching and practising the tips given in this Video / VCD.

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