This video depicts 5 typical situations at work that usually generate stress and then presents effective ways in which individuals can deal with them without becoming stressful.

Venkat, a young executive, has made a mistake and is terribly stressed out in anticipation of his boss’s reaction. He regains his calm only when a helpful Stress Management Guru (SMG) persuades him to accept responsibility, change his perspective, stop focusing on the mistake and instead concentrate on resolving the problem.

Sameer, a young manager, is completely stressed out grappling with his workload, demands of colleagues, sundry interruptions and his own tardy work habits. SMG helps him understand that the key to managing stress lies in being organized, planning work, managing time and minimizing distractions.

Prakash, a diminutive manager is under tremendous stress because of the aggressive behaviour of his colleagues and customers. SMG makes him realize that coping with the stress generated by conflict would be possible if he learned to have a better control over his thoughts and emotions and refused to let others have the power to disturb him.

Manisha, a mid career professional is highly distressed because she feels sandwiched between the demands of her boss and job and that of her family. SMG helps her understand the importance of striving for a balance between personal and professional life and the utmost significance of being able to draw a line.

Jadeja, a senior manager, feels highly stressed out because he thinks his subordinates are incompetent, lack drive and diligence. SMG helps Jadeja realize that all his stress is of his own making, due to flaws in his own functioning as a boss. SMG also shows Jadeja how his stress level can reduce greatly if he also developed a better rapport and working relationship with his subordinates.

All the 5 episodes show simple, practical methods and attitudinal changes for reducing stress at work.


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