Directed by Kakkar to handle the rest of the interviews, Jaideep approaches his HR colleague Jatin Gupta, to understand how to conduct, effective and skillful recruitment interviews.

Jatin first helps Jaideep appreciate the framework, objectives, structure and methodology of a good recruitment interview. Jatin then takes Jaideep step by step through the different stages of an interview, the role and approach of the interviewer at each stage and the most productive ways of eliciting authentic information and gaining insights into a candidate’s competencies and experience, that will enable interviewer to assess their suitability for the job.

Jaideep and Jatin also discuss in detail the various types of techniques and questions that a skilled interviewer can use to gauge a candidate’s functional skills and managerial capabilities as well as his future potential, personal motivation and character.

Finally Jatin advises Jaideep on the do’s and dont’s of an interviewer’s behaviour during an interview and the way candidates should be handled and treated. Jatin also points out the common mistakes that interviewers commit, while interviewing and the effect it produces on candidates.

Soon Jaideep gets an opportunity to put into practice the various interviewing tips given by Jatin in the next round of interviews and is happy to see the results of conducting a well structured, professional recruitment interview.

All senior and middle level managers can greatly enhance their Interviewing Skills by viewing and practicing the value added inputs given in this Video / VCD.

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