As he rises to higher responsibilities, Vivek feels the need to learn the right skills and techniques to conduct effective and motivating appraisal discussions with team members, who report to him. He approaches a senior HR colleague, Sunil, for advice and practical tips.

Sunil first puts into perspective the proper role of a boss during an appraisal and how Vivek should prepare himself and his subordinates thoroughly before the discussion. He also gives crucial inputs to Vivek on making an effective discussion agenda and the boss’s responsibility in creating a positive atmosphere during the appraisal for encouraging subordinates to present their self-assessment. Sunil also advises Vivek on the use of active listening and the art of skillfully putting questions to get subordinates to speak freely. 

Thereafter, Sunil introduces Vivek to the company’s training consultant, Radhika, who gives him valuable inputs on behavioural and communication skills, essential for a boss while appraising subordinates. Radhika focuses on the all important aspects of giving positive and negative feedback.

Soon, Vivek successfully conducts his first appraisal as a boss with his team member, Sanjay. But Sunil still feels apprehensive about how a boss should handle appraisals of very poor performers. This time, he turns to his friend, Ravi, a highly experienced senior corporate professional for help.

Ravi tells Vivek that getting poor performers to improve is the real challenge for every boss. He counsels Vivek on how to discuss very poor performance with subordinates, how to handle appraisee’s hostility, resentment or non-co-operation while identifying reasons, how to get them to accept responsibility for bad performance, how to discuss with and suggest improvement action plan to employees and eventually get their wholehearted commitment to the same.

Vivek competently applies Ravi’s advice while appraising a poor performer in his team and is soon gratified to find that it is an extremely effective approach.

All senior and middle level managers can fine-tune and enhance their feedback and appraisal skills by viewing and practising the tips in this Video / VCD.

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