Ashish Sharma is a young line manager – cramped by organizational constraints, bored by the grinding routine, afraid to take initiative and unable to make any difference. His boss, Kamat thinks Ashish is just sleep-walking through his job.

One day, as Ashish reaches home tired and demoralized, he has a strange experience. He is greeted by a man who looks exactly like him and claims to be his long forgotten ‘Creative Self’ (ACS).

ACS tells Ashish that the main problem with his life and career is that he is not using his creativity. Ashish scoffs at ACS and says ‘creativity’ is just another ‘management buzzword’ of no practical value.

However ACS convinces Ashish that ‘creativity’ is not an abstract concept but every small step one takes towards improving one’s work by systematically generating innovative ideas and solutions and applying them effectively. Ashish soon wants to have practical guidance on how to be creative ‘on the job’. ACS starts by making Ashish aware of the biggest hurdle to creativity – his own mental blocks and deeply ingrained attitudinal limitations that close his mind to fresh thinking.

Then ACS helps Ashish understand how imagination and creativity can be tapped through different techniques for idea generation. Ashish realizes that only by stimulating the brain to think the unthinkable without inhibitions, creative solutions emerge.

ACS also encourages him to conduct a group creativity session with his team members Zafar, Rajat and Mohit. Soon he and his team generate dozens of solutions by using simple techniques like brainstorming, attribute listing and checklist of questions.

Further, they also evaluate the ideas creatively and select a few that stand a good chance of being adapted, accepted and implemented successfully within a practical framework and organizational parameters.

Finally ACS guides Ashish in making the right efforts to ‘sell’ his ideas to his boss, Kamat and enlist the support of other colleagues without getting disheartened and frustrated.

Soon Ashish begins to experience the magic of managerial creativity

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