In his presentation to senior management, Joshi narrates several instances and examples, that he has heard or witnessed, and makes out a compelling case citing the lack of Emotional Intelligence (EI) shown by bosses, as the main reason for low morale amongst employees and 'flight of talent' from the company.

Initially faced with resistance and even resentment, Joshi succeeds in convincing the CEO and top management that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the cornerstone of good leadership. Eventually, they accept Joshi's recommendations and agree to give EI the highest priority in the company's leadership development programs.

PART II: Joshi initiates the process by conducting an introductory briefing for senior managers on the basic competencies that bosses need to consciously cultivate to become emotionally intelligent leaders - self awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Then, through one-on-one counseling and mentoring sessions, Joshi helps senior managers firstly identify the missing elements in their emotional make up. Next, he guides them in developing necessary emotional competencies, in consciously regulating their own actions and responses to others and most importantly in breaking ingrained, emotional / behavioural patterns that are dysfunctional and  counter-productive.

Over a period of time, the sincere, determined efforts made by bosses in the company to conduct themselves in an emotionally intelligent manner, start yielding results.  Subordinates at all levels in the company start responding positively to the change in the approach, attitude and behaviour of their bosses, as depicted through various incidents and episodes.

All senior and middle level managers can become even more effective leaders than they already are by viewing and practising the tips in this Video / VCD.

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