EPISODE 1: Raman, a first time manager is facing typical problems, when his former colleague Viren becomes his subordinate. The video helps Raman understand how to assertively interact with former colleagues without feeling guilty or embarrassed, so that his authority as a manager is not undermined.

EPISODE: 2: Ravi, a new team leader, tries to avoid a face to face meeting with Mohan, to whom he has delegated some important but uninteresting work. Eventually Ravi learns how to assign work tactfully but firmly, with commitment to work priorities as well as due consideration to aspirations of team members.

EPISODE 3: Shekhar a first time manager is critical of his own boss and the company in front of his subordinates, when asked to implement a sales scheme, which he and his team members find ineffective. But Shekhar discovers that, as a manager, taking ownership of a decision you have been asked to implement is a better way to motivate and lead your team rather than blaming the company.

Episode: 4: Esha and Sridhar disagree over a consumer research assignment and approach their team leader Himanshu, who harshly dismisses Esha’s point of view. Then Himanshu understands how important it is to delicately resolve disagreements between subordinates with objectivity and listen to differing points of view without prejudice and bias.

EPISODE 5: Shivani is furious when Rajesh’s lapse results in a big delay in the dispatch of a sample consignment and starts shouting and blaming him.  Soon she realises that remaining calm even when you are feeling disturbed is important for a manager to enable her to salvage the situation as well as in ensuring that the team member does not make the same mistake again.

EPISODE 6: Jatin shows no empathy for Mira, who is working on a tough assignment.  But when Mira successfully applies one of Jatin’s ideas while doing the assignment, Jatin tries to grab the credit for it. It dawns on Jatin that a manager can set the right example by boosting the confidence of team members when things are tough and not snatching credit for it.

EPISODE 7Ajay fails to convince his boss that his team requires more manpower support to finish an installation in time.  He now understands that as a first time manager, he needs to do his homework well so that he can decisively take up the cause of his subordinates with higher authorities.

Episode 8: Gaurav has just been promoted as a Branch manager and in his hurry to make an impact, he is trying to do too many things at the same time and feels the need to exercise too much control over his subordinates. Hopefully he will soon realize that he is inviting problems as well as the resentment of his team.

Episode 9: As a new admin manager, Vaibhav has strong opinions about some departmental issues. He refuses to take the advice of either his boss or his subordinate, who suggest a different course of action. Vaibhav needs to understand that a new manager should not be blindly resistant to advice, while taking decisions.

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